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who's going to one of these shows? - GIRL NOBODY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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who's going to one of these shows? [Jun. 4th, 2004|11:24 am]


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06.03.04 Calgary AB - Broken City w. Panurge
06.04.04 Edmonton AB - The Sidetrack Café w. Panurge
06.05.04 Saskatoon SK - Amigo's w. Panurge
06.06.04 Winnipeg MB - The Pyramid w. Panurge
06.10.04 Toronto ON - The Reverb NXNE Showcase
06.12.04 Hamilton ON - The Casbah w. TBA
06.17.04 Ottawa ON - Zaphods w. Jennifer Foster, OX
06.18.04 Montreal PQ - Petit Campus w. The Organ

to anyone who's going to any of these shows, i expect full reviews!

From: (Anonymous)
2004-06-21 08:23 pm (UTC)

Girl Nobody Live

WoW !
WoW !
WoW !
WoW !

I saw them in Montréal at Le Café Campus (June 18th).
They are awesome. Marta voice is beautiful. It's great that they put it in front of anything else.
Brett, Jeremiah, Jimmy and Joey are awesome musician. The music that came out of their instruments is sweet to the ears. The 5 of them are cool to watch on stage. They move, they laugh, they are really enjoying themselves out there. If we look at the other 2 groups that were there (Girl Nobody was first, then it was Marlowe and the main feature was The Organ), we have the impression that being on stage is a natural ability for them. Even if they had only 30-45 minutes to play as much songs as possible.
After the show, they stayed and were available for comments and discussion. They are really down to earth. I learn that they are well known in the U.K. That's really cool. I hope they will be able to go do a tour there.

In conclusion, i don't regret canceling my trip to Toronto to see this great new band live. They are really worth it.
My only regret is not having a t-shirt (they sold like crazy and they ran out before being in Montréal) and not being able to hang out with them. They're not only good musician but good people too.

Long live Girl Nobody !!

Vincent, Québec
p.s. sorry for my english. :)
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